Sweden – Give It to Me

You know what makes me feel better during the World Cup? Knowing that someday, these men might have a chance to escape the shackles of football and fulfill their dreams of becoming a pop musician.

At the forefront of the footballer-turned-musician craze is Boris Rene, who has competed in Melodifestivalen twice, making it to the final both times.

And he has provided the perfect distraction for the World Cup, with the song Give It to Me – a song which had me bouncing up and down on the train to work. It’s so much fun! Boris is so happy! There’s a woman somewhere in the video but Boris never talks to her because he’s too busy dancing in an industrial river basin in Los Angeles. And look at how happy he is, with those orange shoes and that red jacket and seriously, what is your secret, Boris Rene? How are you so happy? [Ooooh – got distracted by the surprise accordion solo!]

Maybe it’s the contents of his little wagon, which, when unveiled, release some sort of happy gas in Los Angeles, and then London, and then Paris. No Stockholm, though – maybe they’re already happy enough there.

At any rate, Boris Rene is exactly what I needed to shake me out of a soccer-and-heatwave related funk. Strong contender for song of the summer!

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