France – OK ou KO

Can you remember all the way back to January, when we were spending every Saturday night in front of our computers livestreaming France’s Destination Eurovision? We tuned in for Amir’s smile, but ended up staying tuned in for two reasons: Madame Monsieur, and Emmy Liyana.

Emmy Liyana’s OK ou KO was powerful and had an amazing hook and gave Emilie and Jean Karl a real competition. I loved Emmy’s look and sound and couldn’t wait to listen to this song on my Spotify playlist.

Except that it never showed up on Spotify. And there are only so many times you can stream something on YouTube before it becomes inconvenient.

But now, eight months later, Emmy has finally, formally released OK ou KO with a full on video and everything!

I literally weep with joy. In this heat wave, what I need is Emmy Liyana’s cool, precise vocals reminding me that something chillier is on the way.

Dare I ask for a full EP?

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