Poland – Lollipop

So in this weather, Margaret’s Water Can’t Cool Me Down has pretty much been the soundtrack of my life – because I am hotter than fire literally every second of the day. I’m about to burst into flames. And I can testify that water can’t cool me down, unless that water is pushed through an air conditioning unit of no less than 7000 BTUs.

So I was excited when Margaret released a new song – Lollipop – that I expected to deliver summer banger realness.



Okay, maybe I should listen to Margaret’s live performance at Sommarkrysset.


Stripped pf the Lolita-esque overtones of that single cover, and performed in front of a live audience, when Margaret is indeed surrounded by all her girls, this song is quite fantastic – a true summer banger. Although I did have to laugh at the way Margaret’s dramatic lollipop reveal was hidden by one of her dancer’s thighs.

Now, my only quibble remaining with the song is that when Margaret sings, “Got not time to see honey” it sounds like she’s saying “Got no time for CID” which spirals my mind into an amazing Margaret-Telly Savalas duet:

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 8.03.02 AM.png

Can you imagine Kojak croaking, “You ain’t licking my licking my licking my uh hunh hunh hunh?” PURE GENIUS.

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