Sweden – Paradise

Everybody’s favorite Swede Benjamin Ingrosso has released a new confection with the (dj? electronic collective? sofa manufacturer?) Ofenbach, who have an annoying name because it keeps confusing my spellcheck, which is conditioned to think of the romantic composer Jacques Offenbach. (See, I can be cultured every once in a while!)

And the verdict is: A great summer banger! It’s catchy from the off, and I ended up listening to it five times in a row. Plus, Ingrosso haters should note that his voice has been post-processed to the point where it takes the sweetness down a notch.

Of course, it’s not hard to do a banger when your song is only two minutes and 35 seconds long – that’s enough for a Eurovision entry with five or six Douwe Bob-sized pauses in the middle of the music.

And it should be noted that in that two minutes and 35 seconds, the word ‘bom’ is repeated 175 times. Yes, I counted. Why do you think I was listening to this five times in a row? And it’s really distracting. Ingrosso is trying to ask a person to be his ‘mon amour’ and the end of the phrase is almost immediately swallowed up by some ‘bom bom bom boms’. Why not just ask the person to be his ‘mon bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom bom’? It’s longer, but more original.

So while this song is good, I feel like everyone on it also got the summer blues and decided to pack up at 3 pm on a Friday to hit a happy hour by a lake or something. With just a little more effort – a little more! – this song could have been more than the teaser version for a longer banger, and gone from a good song to a great one.

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