United Kingdom – Taking It Over

Surie’s released her video for Taking It Over, everyone!

I love this song, and I love this video, so it’s hard for me to say many interesting things about it, but I will try:

1. I am getting a strong Loic Nottet vibe here, in terms of the choreography, mixed a little bit with some Irish entry from this year. Whatever it is, I like it – it’s not what I expected at all, but it’s a good fit for Surie.

2. My god, that crackling electricity between Surie and her dancer. I never before thought of Surie as a lesbian icon, but I have clearly misjudged. Get it, gurl!

3. If you are in London, you can probably take a gym class at this location, because it looks like it was filmed in a core studio in East London.

Surie, you are the Eurovision Queen and we love you.

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