Switzerland – the rest

Okay, so Switzerland has released the thirteen songs competing to represent the nation at the next Eurovision. I’ve already covered Sebalter’s ditty, but what about the rest?

As a note, all of them can be listened to at this link.

And here’s my quick reaction to each:

Tommaso Giacopini: You Told Me He Loves – Tommaso, I’d categorise this less as telling me he loves and just plain old shouting. Oh my goodness – it’s just SO LOUD and atonal. If this gets through, I will be astounded.

Scilla Hess – Wait, you can enter more than ONE song in the contest? Scilla, who has got a lovely and powerful voice, has entered a good song called Silence Breakers and then another song called Playground. Playground is going for that electroswing sound, and we all know how we feel about that. But Silence Breakers could actually be a goer!

Nick Antik – Until You Will Be Mine: I’m getting strong stalker vibes from this one, and despite his use of some absolutely yummy “whoa-oh-oh-ohs” I can’t really endorse this one. It’s reaching for a early 1980s synth ballad vibe and doesn’t quite reach it. It also seems to be one of those Eurovision entries that doesn’t have quite enough of an idea to fill an entire three minute slot. I can see this going forward, though, especially if Nick Antik is cute.

Karin Cerini: Sorry – Oh my goodness. I was not expecting the deployment of an Eastern European horn so early in the process! And especially not from Switzerland!

And at this point in the process, I kind of lost it. THIS is what’s being released? Some of these are barely even songs. Iris Mone has entered Lift My Soul Up, a song which sounds like someone has laid down a practice track for zhuzhing up later on.

Look, I don’t want to disparage the artists who have worked hard on these songs, but if RSI is releasing a shortlist, it should at least work with all the internal candidates to bring all the songs up to an internal standard before releasing them. The quality is so variable here, with some sounding remarkably polished, and others sounding like they’ve been recorded in a hurry for entry.

I too was super excited about the Eurovision season starting early, but if this is what being first out of the gate means, it may be slightly smarter just to wait for a few weeks until everything is ready – unless Switzerland is indeed a land of rich bankers who make so much money that there’s no one left over to do music.

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