Switzerland – Carry the Light

Oh my goodness! The first potential songs of Eurovision 2019 are here! And one of them is by Sebalter, the lawyer/whistler/all around raconteur who represented Switzerland in the 2014 Eurovision contest!

Remember how good Hunter of Stars was? No? Take another listen:

Man, that was a song! It had everything – whistling; sexy violin playing (pay attention, Rybak); hand clapping; and plenty of whoa-oh-ohs. When Sebalter sings: “I am the hunter, you are the prey, and tonight I’m going to eat you up” I have never been so willing to jump in a giant pot to serve myself up.

So what’s Sebalter’s new song like? Well, you can listen to it here. It’s the twelfth song down.


Well, Sebalter’s voice appears to have dropped by about an octave, which is a lovely growly effect, but the rest? There’s something generically EDM-lite about it. It’s like Sebalter released a collaboration with Gromee.

Screen Shot 2018-05-04 at 10.13.53 PM

(I’m never going to stop looking for excuses to post pictures of Gromee, folks).

It’s no Hunter of Stars, but it’s Sebalter – surely that’s a good omen with which to kick off the Eurovision season?

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