Sweden – Behave


Sure, it’s great that you’ve released a new album full of falsetto hits, but maybe we’re just not ready for some of them right now? Especially the song Behave – video below.

Do you see that photo above, Benjamin? The one where you’re gripping your head
in pain? That’s how your latest song makes me feel. It’s such a banger – such a banger! – and then we start to actually listen to the music and oh my god, Benjamin, are you not following our current debate about consent and rape culture and treating women with respect?

Look, you seem likeable enough, but if you can’t make your eyes behave, then that speaks to larger problems about seeing women as people, and not as sexual objects for consumption – especially if you then try to blame the woman for the way that YOU look at HER.

It’s been a long week, Benjamin. And at the end of this week, a lot of us are really not in the mood to hear a woman called a tease because in truth she’s probably just trying to live her damn life without being leered at by a Swedish pop idol, no matter how many jacket flicks he throws her way.

And let’s face it – if she’s come to the club with another guy, she probably did so because she prefers his company to yours (although I bet that you didn’t even bother to give her a call to ask her to the club, did you?)

Enough, Benjamin. Why not write a song about asking a woman out and enjoying a dance with her, instead of painting women as the thing which is driving YOUR behavior and YOUR choices that you’re old enough and adult enough to make yourself?

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