Lithuania – Nervai

Vidas Barekis is back with his absurdist songs about modern life, and I have to say that after the consent trainwreck that is Benjamin Ingrosso, I kind of just want to see a strange man do strange things – which Vidas does in this video for Nervai.

A couple of things here:
1. I love the fact that Vidas Barekis has a tuxedo at hand for his music video. In fact, I bet that his closet is just full of two things: tuxedos and nylon track suits.

2. There are obviously some plants in this video, but at the same time, can you imagine what it’s like to be one of the unsuspecting passengers in Vilnius who suddenly has a half-naked Vidas Barekis pounding on your car window?

3. And really, Vilnius has got to be an incredibly chill place because in my home country, if a half-naked man was walking along a freeway in traffic while pounding on passenger cars, he’d probably – no, definitely – get shot. Great tourism video, Vidas!

4. Vidas seems to be on a tear recently, doing a 100-show tour and playing all over the country. I hope he will still have some creative juices free for Eurovision this year! (Please, please, please let this be the case!)

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