Estonia – Coming Home

Eesti Laul is, hands down, the best National Final at the moment. The Estonians keep churning out fantastic music in a variety of genres, even if Stig has had to import a Swede to sing his song this year. And while there are always going to be songs that I don’t like (*cough* Elina *cough*) that’s made up for by the inclusion of an Iiris or a Sybil Vane or Juri Pootsman or something else which is incredibly original. My love affair with Estonia is such that I’m toying with the idea of attending Tallinn Music Week this year if I can’t get Eurovision tickets.

BUT ANYWAY let’s talk about Inger (or INGER, as she capitalises her name) and her Eesti Laul entry Coming Home:

Normally, the thought of a twee, baby-faced ukelele player would send me running for the hills. I am allergic to the earnestness of someone wearing flannel shirts and sensible shoes and good intentions. My world is one of polycotton blends and a lot of bling and good intentions masked under multiple layers of sarcasm. So when I first saw INGER’s video, I was like, “Hoo boy! Welcome to the local campus coffeehouse!”

But INGER has worn me down. Her song Coming Home has wormed its way into my brain like the scent of a fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Her smiling face wandering down the middle of railroad track is completely disarming, and for the past weekend (when I haven’t been singing Roi), I’ve been humming this song to myself. There are lots of little touches that make this song great, like the way that she pronounces the phrase “eyes have seen”, and the fact that it seems to be a song that’s a joyful celebration of her family, rather than a lugubrious tribute (Germany 2018, I’m looking at you).

Inger’s Coming Home is the aural equivalent of hygge. I want to wrap myself up in this song and play a game of Connect Four while sipping hot cider with Inger. It’s unironic and charming and, despite my natural grumpiness, I stan Inger.

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