Hungary – Hazavágyom

The first heat of Hungary’s A Dal is coming up this weekend. Last year’s act, AWS, was possibly my favourite Eurovision entry of all time (after Euphoria, of course, because I’m not a monster.) And I know that in the battle of the metalheads, AWS narrowly beat out Leander Kills in last year’s A Dal. So I was excited to see Leander Kills on the A Dal entry list again, with this song:


Look, I get it guys. You thought you had some incredible metal magic (and you do!) and you lost last year to AWS. But that wasn’t the cue to go back to 2017 and start borrowing ethnic beats from Joci Papai (who, incidentally, is also in this year’s A Dal).

What I wanted from you was an absolute rager, a song that would require a wall of amps on stage, a song that would blow the electricity out in the studio, a song with so many fireworks that it could be seen across the border in Croatia, a song so loud it would burst the eardrums of Viktor Orban.

Instead, I got the metal version of Only Teardrops. Don’t get me wrong – I like it! It’s a good song! It’s just…well, in an age when so much crap is going on in Hungary and Europe, I really wanted to see you rock out with your proverbial cocks out (PROVERBIAL). And this just seems a little mild.

I’ll still be rooting for you though, because I know that when A Dal is all over, you’ll be waiting to turn up those electric guitars.

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