Lithuania – Anyone

So Eurovizijios Atranka, Lithuania’s neverending slog of qualification, already had its first heat in early January. Before its second heat this weekend, I thought I’d catch up on the entries, like Glossarium with Anyone:

AAAAUGH. Look, metal has a clear place in Eurovision. Lordi proved it. AWS proved it. Even, arguably, Minus One proved it. And with the opening guitar licks from Glossarium, I was really hopeful. Could this be our pyrotechnic darling of Eurovision 2019?

But then the lyrics kicked in, and…nope. This is not metal. It’s bar rock. It’s rock and roll for accountants who buy Harley Davidsons because they think that’ll make them cool. Glossarium have given us a jumble of rebellious stereotypes – a pretty girl, gambling, drinking, a cigarette – somehow overlaid on a love song about a woman that the lead singer can’t trust. I feel like the whole thing’s been pasted together from reading a book, rather than any actual experience of the band.

I appreciate the chugga chugga guitars and the lovely riffs at the bridge, but there’s no actual feeling with the lyrics – and given that instrumentals will be piped in for Eurovision, it’s particularly important that the singer actually has something to say, and these guys don’t.

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