Finland – Superman

So Darude and Sebastian have released their second song, which is a vast improvement over Release Me. As many have pointed out already, it even has a bit of the Sandstorm sound in the background.

But this video?
Ooh boy.

First of all, I couldn’t help thinking – what crimes has Darude committed? The videos released for Eurovision so far seem to be suspiciously like an attempt to rehabilitate his reputation. Release Me was all about what a great dad Darude was. This one is all about Darude’s friendly neighborhood persona and how he’ll help the not-very-downtrodden of Finalnd.

(As a side pedantic comic nerd note, Darude, if you’re going to be doing these small scale acts of heroism, don’t call yourself Superman! Superman is all about stopping world domination. You’re more like a Spider-Man, who focuses on Queens and New York and keeping the peace locally.)

What makes me so incandescent about this video is that the last third of the video is Darude doing chores. And yes, it’s chores for a stranger, but it’s apparently a superpower for men to be able to do chores.

UGGGGGGH. Darude, be better, please!

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