Portugal – Festival da Canção Semi 1 Preview

Oh my god, how many shows are on tonight? I’m running out of time and energy.

Festival da Canção has its first semifinal tonight, and I’m not going to lie: it’s not exactly my thing. I think the beautiful weather and lovely beaches in Portugal have impacted the music scene to the point where everyone is just too well-contented and lethargic to make any actual bangers. But there’s still some interesting stuff out there that I am looking forward to seeing performed live.

Ana Claudia – Inercia

This song is an excellent example of inertia, so good on you, Ana? It’s very new-agey but doesn’t actually go anywhere. I feel like I’m listening to a collection of sounds rather than a coherent song. And while I appreciate the experimental nature of Festival of Cancao, Incercia is just too disjointed to exist outside of the confines of this competition or a modern art museum.

João Campo – É o que é

This is a lovely traditional Portuguese song which I hatte. Lok, I’m clearly the wrong person to be reviewing any Festival da Cancao songs because I fam pushing for the all-banger Eurovisino. To me, these beautiful tradiitional ballads are the aural equivalent of water off a duck’s back. No.

Soraia Taveres – O meu sonho

Ooooh, listen to that heavy drum beat…that goes nowhere. It’s another jazz night in Lisbon, folks, and I’m sure that this song has an audience somehwere, but it’s jsut not me.

Calema – A dois

This song is the most Eurovision-y of the bunch, but it’s still a generic man ballad without much to recommend it.

Conan Osiris – Telemoveis

The first timeI heard this song, I thought it wasn’t a song. But now? I love it. I hope it wins. I love the strange atonality of it. I love the merging of fado with electronic sounds.I love its unpredictability. Conan Osiris has demonstrated how you create experimental music that still sounds likea cohent entity, and I have included this on my Eurovision bangers playlist, even though it’s far from a traditional banger.

Ela Limão – Mais brilhante que mil sóis

Oh! This is rather pleasant. It sounds like a very gentle girl group from the 1960s. The harmonies are lovely. I can see myself getting blissed out to this if I weren’t a neurotic anxious person who never blisses out. If Conan can’t win, this would be a quite nice entry in Tel Aviv.

Filipe Keil – Joje (Hope)

I ‘Hope’ this song doesn’t make it to the finals. It’s a generic man ballad, and in a semifinal with some genuinely exciting stuff, this will just get swallowed up in blandness.

Matay – Perfeito

Matay’s Perfeito is the missing song from the end credits of a Disney movie. Which Disney movie? It doesn’t matter. It could be any of them. It’s got a sweeping melody with an underlying sweetness to it. I quite like this song and a strong performance is sure to propel it to the finals.

Conan Osiris for the win; Ela Limao for the runner up please.

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