Sweden – Somebody Wants

So I’m back from Riga and will be doing a full roundup of this weekend later on but I feel like I just need to do a quick post on the Lovers of Valdaro.

I heard the snippet of Somebody Wants last week and was intrigued. And then I heard the whole song and I think my brain just leaked outside of my ears because I’m unprepared to process this aural awesomeness.

I’ve listened to Somebody Wants on repeat for several hours this weekend. I’ve danced on a train to it. I’ve been adapting it into a song to sing to my cats. It’s that good:

Like, the part where it starts to get repetitive and then Adam’s like, “Oh, you wanted a third act? Here is your funky third act! You’re welcome!” and you realise exactly why he’s been smirking behind his pink triangle DJ booth all this time.

Sweden, I know you did a lot of good this weekend. You sent Jon Henrik and Lina Direkt to Final. But you let me down by not sending this to Andra Chansen.

I know that this is the Lovers of Valdaro’s first time in Melodifestivalen, so I will hope for them to return, because WOW. One of the gems of 2019 indeed.

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