Finland – Look Away

Darude and his buddy Sebastian have come out with their third song for the UMK competition, called Look Away:

And I have to say that it’s the best of the bunch, largely because it’s not talking about how great Darude is as a dad or a person. It’s sort of about how one should keep one’s eyes open on the larger things, but in truth, it’s an excuse for Sebastian to sing “Look Away” many many many times.

I’m okay with that! Frankly, after so many songs this season exhorting me to sing or dance or love, I’m really looking forward to a song that tells me to do what comes naturally. I can avoid eye contact all day, Darude! Let’s have an avoiding eye contact contest and you will lose although I won’t know because I’ll still be avoiding making eye contact.

So if I had to choose out from the three watery bangers produced for this contest, I’d probably chose this one. Despite its repetition, it’s the catchiest of an admittedly weak lot.

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