Belgium – Wake Up

Well, if there’s anything good about the Eurovision 2019 season, it’s going to be Belgium. From Loic to Laura to Blanche to Sennek, they’ve managed to pick songs that are fantastic winners. Thank god they’ve come to launch me out of my doldrums with their new song – Wake Up by Eliot!



Look, I know that February is the month where we all complain about the entries that are going to Eurovision, and April is the month where we fall in love with them and end up stanning them hard by the show, but wow.

Eliot, you did ok.

There’s nothing wrong with this song.

That synth heavy intro is actually quite nice.

And then Eliot’s voice comes in and it’s just like…is this Sting?

For a man who came to fight, he seems suspiciously non-aggro.

At a moment when I wanted something that would immediately enchant me, I got something that’s going to take a lot of listens to bed in. It’s no “Belgium, you’re cancelled” but more like, “Belgium, I think we’re going to need to discuss this in your performance review. Is something going on at home that we don’t know about?”

The one redeeming thing for this song is Eliot’s (deliberate?) choice of typeface, which looks a whole lot like the typeface from the Twilight films, no?

Screen Shot 2019-02-28 at 8.39.20 AM.png

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