Norway – Melodi Grand Prix predictions

So without the spectre of RYBAK hanging over them, I’m really interested to see what will emerge from Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix. I know that the fan favorite seems to be KEiiNO, but with the way Eurovision 2019 is going, who knows what’s going to happen?

Chris Medina – We Try

You do try, Chris, but it’s just not good enough. I feel like there’s a bunch of male vocalists with these upbeat semi-bangers out there this year, and while We Try is a nice song to be used in a BBC 3 reality programme, it’s not going to stand out from any of the other male vocalists with similar offerings. The one interesting thing about this song, however, is that it made me nostalgic for Gromee. Yes, big hat fish dance Gromee from Poland. This sounds like it’s just up his alley.

D’Sound – Mr. Unicorn

The first time I heard this song, I hated it. The electronic parts grated with the pop melody. And the band was called D’Sound. What even is that?

But it’s a grower. And after listening to it about 10 times, it became a staple on my ‘dance on the subway’ playlist. It’s bouncy, it’s fun, and it’s a banger. Will it win? Not likely. But it’s a song I’ll be listening to after the competition is over.

Mørland – En Livredd Man

Mørland, of Monster like Me fame, is back with more soulful confessions. This time around, he’s brought a song with a title that translates to ‘A Terrified Man.’

Why is that man terrified, Mørland? Is it in any way related to the horrible thing you did in your childhood? You’ve confessed to being a monster, but what exactly have you done?

Norway, I get your Mørland love. He’s tall, dark and handsome, and he’s harboring a terrible secret. But don’t you think someone should investigate him?I mean, he’s out there publicly confessing to horrible crimes and terrorizing your populace. This sounds like a perfect Scandidrama. Get Jo Nesbo on it, okay?

Anna-Lisa Kumoji – Holla

I love this song. I love Anna-Lisa’s sass and swagger. I love how sexy she is when performing it. And I also feel like I’m the only one who loves it. This song should be getting accolades – it’s a saucy banger – but ultimately it might be too much song for the contest. Shame, that.

Erland Bratland – Sing for You

I’d rather you didn’t Erland. You’re yet another male vocalist which an anthemic pop ballad. We’ve got quite enough of this type in the contest this year, and you’re pitching a middling ballad to a saturated market.

Ingrid Berg Mehus – Feel

Are performers in Norway allowed to play the violin without Alexander Rybak being present? I have the strange feeling that Ingrid will begin to sing this and then he’ll pop up behind her like a manic jack in the box because anytime anyone says Eurovision and violin, he pops up. Try it at home now. See?

Hank von Hell – Fake It

Oh man, this is going to be awesome. A former member of Turbonegro bringing garage punk to Eurovision? I can see the pyrotechnics bursting now. The studio version is fine, but this is going to come completely alive on stage.

Carina Dahl – Hold Me Down

This feminist power ballad should speak more to me, but it’s just sort of…there? I feel like they’re reaching for the empowerment with lyrics like “This Cleopatra sees you’re a snake”. Ultimately, it’s unclear what’s motivating Carina, and ends up feeling like brand-driven feminism, like this should appear on a tampon ad where women are busy rock climbing and boxing. Ugh.

Adrian Jørgensen – The Bubble

I feel bad being so negative about this song, but man-with-an-acoustic-guitar is just so played out, especially in a final with Hank von Hell and Anna-Lisa Kumoji.

Also, who is the female singer who shows up in the third act of this song? Where’s her name? Her credit? Doesn’t she at least merit a ‘featuring’ in the title? UGGGGGGGH.

KEiiNO- Spirit in the Sky

I didn’t get the absolute love for Spirit in the Sky until I watched the acoustic version, and wow. Fred-Rene Buljo can JOIK. The impact of his voice is almost lost in the electronic version.

I think the important thing here is that we’ve learned that joik can bang. KEiiNO have created a bop and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this go through.

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