Sweden – Melodifestivalen’s Andra Chansen and the only song that matters

So the one constant of 2019 Melodifestivalen is that all of my favorite songs have been bounced out of the heats.
High 15? Sadly, we could have used a song called No Drama, but it’s gone.

Margaret? Shocker of a DQ, despite her song being a banger.

Oscar Enestad? I Love It, but no one else seemed to (at least until it broke a bunch of records on Spotify.)

Pagan Fury? Self-sabotaged by hiding all the creepy hooded guys.

Lovers of Valdaro? Hands down the best song in the competition, and its DQ broke my heart.

So I have to admit that there are very few songs that I care about one way or another in the Melodifestivalen Andra Chansen. I expect Nano and Lisa Ajax will make it through, and I don’t really have an opinion on Andreas or Anna, and while I like Rebecka Karlsson’s ‘Who I Am’, it needs to lose.

That’s because it’s up against Arvingarna, the old-school schlager boy band (now a man band, I guess?) with their unabashed throwback I Do:

There’s nothing flashy about this staging – indeed, nothing notable except for the missing member who had a pre-scheduled vacation with his family so had to skip Melodifestivalen’s first heat.

But what I Do has is some delicious pop confection melodies – the strings, and the vocals, and the keyboards which create this wall of good feelings crashing through your ears.

Of course, the song only gets better when you find out it’s about how much the lead singer loves his wife after years and years of marriage.

So yes, Arvingarna may not be sexy or cutting edge, but they are delightful all the same. And they are the only result that I will care about from Sweden on Saturday.

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