Greece – Better Love

Who has the misfortune to perform between Portugal’s Spoon Man (and his slut-dropping sidekick) and everyone’s favourite Zaddy?

That’s right. It’s the tulle clad Katherine Duska from Greece, with her song Better Love.

I live with someone who was a fan of music during the Great Canadian Boom of the late 2000s, the heyday of Arcade Fire and Metric and Broken Social Scene. And that’s the only reason I know any of those names (well, that and the Scott Pilgrim film soundtrack.)

I was not a fan of the Great Canadian Boom of the late 2000s. It passed me by while I was listening to Screaming Females and Comeback Kid and other angsty loud emo types. To my untrained ear, the Canadians just sounded a bit quiet and self-serious compared to what was on my playlist. I wanted drama and life from my bands, not musical competence.

And I’m afraid that’s my major criticism of Katherine Duska’s track – it’s somehow too Canadian. Look, she’s got a lovely voice. I admire her committment to that bubblegum pink colour palate. And the song itself floats by pleasantly enough when it comes up on my Spotify shuffle.

But ‘pleasant’ isn’t enough in Eurovision. We need something bigger and bolder and by this point in 2019, using postures from the Canadian indie rock scene of a decade ago just isn’t enough.

This is a song made for Canadian radio airplay, not the spectacle of Eurovision, when everything needs to be EXTRA!

Final Verdict: I’m going to have to rate this one as pee break, unless it turns out that the staging is absolutely amazing. Keep it on your iPod shuffle, however.

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