This year’s Melfest casualty

I know what you’re saying. Casualty, singular? Sweden is a powerhouse of pop!

But this year’s Melfest has been, well, COMPETENT. The DTFs and ACs have all been fairly evident, without many surprises. And what’s fallen away has – unlike last year, when Swedish voters shivved MargaretOscar Enestad, and Lovers of Valdaro without a second glance – been songs that few would have considered serious contenders in the first place.

But it wasn’t until this week – Semifinal 4 – that we truly lost what should have been a contender – Jakob Karlberg’s Om du Tror Jag Att Saknar Dig.


And yes, the hat is ridiculous and everyone’s saying that the split screen is a ripoff from Lake Malawi (even though it’s been a long-running cinematic tradition and would you people watch some old Steve McQueen movies already) but indulge me here for a second.

Find someplace to sit down with your phone.

Turn on Spotify or youtube.

Close your eyes.

Listen to this song.

(Or press play and then close your eyes if you can’t do it without looking).

And then think about how everyone on Twitter would be losing their goddamn minds right now if Carly Rae Jepsen had released this song – because she could have! That’s the type of solid gold slap this song is!

Yes, I know that songs that are lost in the semifinal aren’t lost forever, and we’ll always have this moment in Malmo, but boy howdy, this is one corpse I am going to GRIEVE.

Let’s hope Jakob enters Melfest next year because my Swedish tooth needs more of this sweet, sweet ear candy.

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