Songs of the Summer: Lil Benji Ingrosso’s SHAMPOO

Oh hey! We didn’t have a Eurovision and I spend all my time on my (very comfortable) sofa and this is Britain so the seasons are rainy, cloudy, and both rainy and cloudy, so I’ve kind of lost track of time BUT it’s now OFFICIALLY SUMMER!

And despite lockdown, Eurovision artists keep cranking out the summertime bangers – like a TON of summertime bangers – that we’re going to be featuring on this blog over the next month or so.

Up first is Lil Benji Ingrosso, the Spicy Italian Meatball* of Swedish Pop. And boy, has Benji served us up a hefty old platter of slaps!

Make fun of Ingrosso all you want, but the man knows his way around a banger.

Here’s what I can’t figure out, though – what’s wrong with Benji’s apartment in Sweden? Like, he’s preparing for a date here out in a mansion in the middle of nowhere that looks like it requires some heavy duty maintenance. Is it really easier to Air BNB that shit rather than pick your underpants off your bathroom floor? (Just kidding – we all know that Benji just doesn’t want to disturb his roommate, Felix Sadman.)

Maybe Ingrosso needs to rent a place in the country because his shower has lasted an HOUR. Jesus christ, what kind of heavy duty boiler do you need to keep the hot water pumping for all that time?

My final nitpick is that Benji puts on perfume to make sure the Eletta doesn’t smell up the room. Okay, you’ve rented a mansion, so I’m pretty sure the coffeemaker is going to be far enough away from the sexing room that the odor won’t carry. But also, coffee smells great? And if I came into someone’s house and it smelled like good coffee, I’d immediately feel more relaxed and comfortable around them? You need to rethink the aphrodisiac properties of coffee vs. whatever Axe body spray you’re putting on after that hour long shower.

Anyway, stream this! Listen to it! Do the dance on Tik Tok! And we’ll see what other summer bangers are coming our way!

*Look, I made the mistake of looking at the Urban Dictionary definition of spicy meatball and DO NOT DO IT. IT IS A BAD IDEA BRO!Make

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