Songs of the Summer – F3M’s In the Sauna

We’re doing a roundup of the Songs of the Summer that are being released by Eurovision artists. And one that many of you may not be aware of but that is BURNING me UP is F3M’s In the Sauna:

Now, you may remember F3M as one of the entrants in this year’s UMK. While the world was going nuts over Ciccolina, F3M was over here quietly winning the allegiance of lesbians everywhere with their song Bananas:

And while no video is available for this song again, F3M are continuing with their brand of sexy ladies for sexy ladies (and some men, I guess). Look at the cover for that song – these women look HOT, but only one of them is particularly male-gazey. The rest are just women being hot.

And the song? Well, it’s the best affirmation of Scandinavian sexuality since Ida Maria’s Scandilove. It takes elements of traditional Finnish culture – being cold and saunas – and turns it into something that scorches my ears.

Best of all, this song is completely gender-neutral. There’s no reference to the gender of the person in the sauna. We just know that whoever enters the sauna with a bikini-clad member of F3M is going to be on their knees, and dealing with a whip.

So, to summarise:
– Girl group
– Fantastic hook
– Pansexual fantasies
– Proudly Finnish

There is NOTHING to hate about this song! Please, please, please, please go listen to it now.

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