France – Fulenn by Alvan and Ahez

2022 will be the first year ever that there is not a song in French in the Eurovision Song Contest – although it’s not the first time France has sent a song that’s not in French.

This year, they are represented by Alvan and Ahez, who are singing in Breton, a Celtic language that dates from the Middle Ages. And according to the lyrics of this song, France is about to get REAL PAGAN up in here.

Much like the Go_A song Shum was an electrofolk song about the coming of spring, Alvan and Ahez have created an electrofolk song about a woman dancing with the spirits in the woods – think Druids and orgies in the woods.

But you know what? It absolutely slaps. And even if Alvan is just showing off by pretending to play his little ukelele with a bow, I’m buying into the whole package.

The truth is that Eurovision needs songs and artists like this, who are taking the best of European cultural traditions and updating them with new musical styles and forms.

It also doesn’t hurt that Alvan is super hot. (I’m just saying what everyone has been tweeting respectfully!)

I hope that this manages to pull in the high audience vote numbers that Go_A did, because we need more music like this!

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