Sweden – Perfect Memory

It’s New Music Friday in Sweden, and that means we have at least one former Melodifestivalen contestant lurking around. This week, it’s Wiktoria, she of the bounteous curls and plagiarized Wonder Woman symbol, who has just released Perfect Memory:

Perfect Memory – Wiktoria

And…it’s..well, it’s the perfect song to play over the credits of the 2004 Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen film New York Minute:

I mean, it’s not a BAD song, but it’s just not very exciting. It’s inoffensive and competent and exactly the type of thing you’d hear playing over the credits of a romcom. And since they mention New York, well, Mary Kate and Ashley it is.

(I feel like I should mention that the quintessential New York romcom is, of course, the underrated They Came Together.]

And that is where a waffly-Shania Twain-esque song will get you, Wiktoria – down a spiral of romcom memories!

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