Cyprus – Caramela

It just seems cruel to give us a new release from the greatest hair artist in history, and yet deny her the venue with which to showcase her gift.

So we have the audio-only track from Queen Eleni, and well – it’s something that sounds like it’s a duet with this guy:
Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 8.08.23 AM

Can you imagine the energy in the room if Kamil and Eleni were to be hanging out together on the same stage? It’s like putting two black holes near each other – the gravitational pull of their star power would likely cause an explosion.

At any rate, I don’t speak much Greek (or Spanish), but the abundant sound effects in this song let me know it’s about someone (maybe Caramela?) who breaks a lot of glasses. A lot of them.

Normally, I’d be into creating an elaborate backstory for a song I don’t understand, but in this case, I just want to stamp the floor. I love this Spanish-inflected song and think that it is a strong contender for Song of the Summer.

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