Sweden – I Wouldn’t Know

Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin.

If you’re going to plaster my YouTube with advertisements that your new song – I Wouldn’t Know – is going to be out on 27 July, then it had better be out on 27th July.

But it’s not. I found what seems like a legit copy of it online, but I WOULDN’T KNOW (see what I did there) because it doesn’t have any of your branding on it.

But hot blog content waits for no creator.

So maybe this is your new song?

And if it is, well, it’s okay I guess.

You see, the lyrics here are kind of…mean? Like Frans level mean?
You’re whining about how you haven’t had anyone to fall in love with properly, as your relationships have gone wrong, and, to be honest, it just sounds like an unintentional incel anthem. “Why doesn’t anyone love me because I’m such a nice guy! Why!”

And Benjamin, you are a nice guy. You’ve got a great smile, and you treat breakups with the resilience they deserve (e.g. bouncing back by sweating it out on the dance floor.) You’re one of the Swedish Kardashians and a cousin of the Swedish House Mafia and I’m sure that you’ve got things going wrong in your life, but a petulant “I’ve never had a good relationship” cri de coeur rings quite false.

Leave the emotion to Felix Sandman, please give us more songs that you can dance to, and, most of all, release your damn singles when you say you will!

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