Sweden – I Wanna Fall in Love Again

Oh yay! New music from Sweden’s second prettiest pretty boy (be realistic; he’s no Eric Saade) Robin Bengtsson has been released! Let’s give it a listen:

Oh, Robin, no.


Look, this is a completely lovely song – it’s got the breeziness of an August release. And we all sympathize with the desire to fall in love again.

But Robin, just because YOU think you’ve got something doesn’t mean that you have something. The lady has said she wants to be alone, and that means you should probably not be showing up at her front door.

What I’d suggest is that you work on getting comfortable with yourself first. You’re not comfortable dining by yourself – but why not? After all, YOU should be your own best company. Perhaps you can work on something that’s within your control before trying to pin all your hopes on another person. Once you like yourself, people will like you.

Yes, I know that she said she’d give you one more chance, but she also said she wants to be alone. And look, I know it’s confusing, but you’re a grown man – you’ve been in Eurovision – and should know how to handle yourself better by now.

This is not going to end well, Robin. At best, it gets you labeled a creep among all her friends. At worst, you get slapped with a restraining order and a court appearance for stalking. Put the guitar down, get back in your car, and listen to some Felix Sandman to ease your aching heart, like sensible Swedish people do.

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