Ukraine – That’s Your Role

This weekend, a bunch of badly shot videos appeared all over YouTube, all featuring Melovin’s new song (performed at a dubious location in Odessa named the Bono Beach Club). All of these videos had any semblance of the song drowned out by random teenage women screaming – which in and of itself is behavior that should be encouraged at any concert, except when you’re trying to bootleg a video. Fandom need not be incompatible with good audio production.

But then I found a 21 minute concert that had been professionally streamed live over Facebook, presumably, because I can’t read Cyrillic alphabets, at a location far less egregious than the Bono Beach Club (which, let’s be realistic, has got to be the most depressing beach club on the planet. Can you imagine trying to relax to a constant soundtrack of U2 songs?)

Melovin, showman that he is, opened with Under the Ladder and closed with his new song, That’s Your Role, and every single woman in the audience was having the time of their preteen lives. I love to see so much unbridled joy captured in a single arena. I’ve cued the video up below to start at his new song, although you can always go back and watch the entire concert, as I did.

And I’m beginning to think that we’ve all got Melovin pegged wrong. Sure, he dresses like a Hot Topic store clerk, complete with that wonky contact, but That’s Your Role is performed by someone with a soul for arena pop; someone who wants the entire audience to raise their fists in unison as everyone chants along with ‘That’s Your Role!’

Maybe the appearance at Bono Beach Club was more apt than we anticipated, eh?

Also, yes, the song is a banger and I need it to come out on some format other than Ukrainian cellphone upload so that I can listen to it obsessively like it deserves.

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