Cyprus – Replay


In the year of the Eurovision Male Ballad, I needed this horn-heavy, female-led dance banger.

Do I care if it’s essentially Eleni-light? Do I care if I might forget it ever existed after May? Because Replay is very much what Salvador Sobral would harrumph about being disposable junk food music.

But do you know what? SOMETIMES I CRAVE JUNK FOOD. (That’s like 95% of the time, actually.)

Look, Replay is a fun, sexy song. and in a lineup of Broody Boys(TM), this song is actually going to get people moving and dancing and happy.

Plus, Tamta’s video shows that she (or someone she’s hired) know how to create stunning and arresting visuals. At moments, I felt like I was watching an Onuka video over a heavy dance beat.

A song doesn’t need to be earth-shattering to be welcome. Tamta is predictable, formulaic, and 100% delivering a kick in the sad male pants of this Eurovision season.

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