Greece – Better Love

We’re getting into “eating too much ice cream will make you sick” territory, as the deadline for songs approaches and countries drop them seemingly every few hours.

Today we were gifted with Katerine Duska’s Better Love:

Okay, first of all – mad props to the Hellenic region ladies for introducing this pink veil over the face look. Let’s all adopt it in Tel Aviv, okay?

Secondly, what a voice! What a gloriously deep and haunting voice Katerine Duksa has! I immediately went from watching this video to looking up her other songs online so I could hear more of that lovely voice.

Because, truth be told, once you take away that veil and that voice, Better Love adds up to a big fat nothing. It feels much like a pop song that I’d hear on a radio station that eschews pop songs in favor of more ‘serious fare.’ It has some indie chops, but it also sounds remarkably indie formulaic, and never builds to a satisfying Eurovision climax.

This is a Eurovision song that’s making a bid for an audience of people who hate Eurovision. And Katerine Duska’s voice deserves better than try to sell a song fundamentally unsuited to the contest.

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