United Kingdom – Spaceman by Sam Ryder

First of all, can we all acknowledge that Konstrakta needs to change her lyrics to: “What is the secret of Sam Ryder’s healthy hair?” I mean, those locks are GORGEOUS. Not a split end in sight!

And with that said, how’s the song?

The song? It’s not really my thing. When this was announced and I found out that Sam Ryder was originally a heavy metal vocalist, I shed a tear. Can you imagine how he’d shred the stage headbanging with that mane?

BUT – despite this being, at its core, a sadboi ballad, Spaceman has two very, very important things going for it:

  1. Sam Ryder’s voice, which is insanely good. I saw him perform with more than 20 other Eurovision artists at Eurovision in Concert, and his vocals absolutely blew the roof off the building – yes, even with Jeremie and Ochman there! I’ve watched videos of him performing this on the One show, on a street in Berlin, in a park in Amsterdam, and he gets it note perfect every single time. It’s absolutely impressive.
  2. Sam Ryder’s personality, which is like a golden retriever in human form. He’s just an excited puppy, thrilled with the opportunity to bounce around Europe and meet friendly people. He’s brought the joy back to British Eurovision – that’s not a dig on the previous artists we’ve had, but there’s an infectious enthusiasm from Sam Ryder that has managed to get even the dourest local interested in this song.

Is the Eurovision trophy coming home? No, but it doesn’t need to. Sam Ryder has already accomplished something amazing – making the UK excited about the contest for the first time in years. I only hope his enthusiasm carries over to future editions of the contest!

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