Czech Republic – Lights Off by We Are Domi

Because this Eurovision season has been going on for approximately three years, I *think* We Are Domi was the first song to be released this year – and the fact that it’s still so high in the Eurofandom collective ranking says a lot about its staying power.

And I think one reason it has stayed high in so many rankings is that it is so relatable. Who hasn’t tried to change up their life in both big and small ways, only to be disappointed by the results? (I mean, I’ve moved countries multiple times and have just been the same old me no matter where I end up.)

Also, Lights Off is a BANGER. I know there have been some complaints about the live vocals at pre-parties, but I’m hoping all those technical details will have been worked out by the time this goes live. (Of course, based on the reports we’re getting about stage problems from Turin, that’s a big hope.)

It’s an upbeat and joyful way to end the second semifinal. The only problem is that people are likely to still be prostrate in tears following the Cornelia Jakobs performance.

But! If you like We Are Domi, the good news is that they already have a new release for you to listen to – a collaboration with everyone’s favourite Czech mockneys, Lake Malawi!

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